Motherโ€™s Instinct

Motherโ€™s Instinct – Lesson for Entrepreneurs: As I sat during my early morning reflection today, I was drawn to a time in my life when my father suspended my monthly allowance when I was at Copperbelt University. I deserved the punishment after racking his Car, long story though the suspension was for just a term. This was a profound time that developed me and made me very resourceful.

However, what stood out in this period was my motherโ€™s response and care. Believe it or not, there is a spiritual connection between a mother and a child that no one can explain. There were times that I would be down, low and almost giving up, mum would send calculators for me to sale and survive. She would send word for me to go home and have a good meal to encourage me, her timings were divine. Motherโ€™s Instinct is what we call an entrepreneurโ€™s gut feeling, successful entrepreneurs rely on their intuition rather than minds.

However, be careful by understanding when and how to pay attention to your gut feeling. All entrepreneurs like a mother have a special connection to their business, improve your intuition through regular meditation. Just like a motherโ€™s instinct to protect and care, follow your vision as an entrepreneur. Your business will sometimes fall, pick it up. Your business will sometimes seem not be going anywhere, continue believing and pushing it forward. Sometimes it will be in critical condition and will require your every minute, second of your time including your sleep. Pay attention to your inner voice and understand what it is saying. #Happysunday.